How Does Coconut Oil and Milk Benefit My Workout?

Coconuts aren’t just great for the health conscious and coconut lovers among us – they’re also fantastic for athletes and for maintaining physical fitness!
Benefits of coconut fat for active lifestyles
As we’ve mentioned in our post about all the amazing uses and benefits of coconut oil, this superfood is packed with healthy fats – specifically lauric acid and medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). MCFAs are easily digested and absorbed by your body. They’re sent directly to your liver and immediately converted to energy as opposed to being stored as fat. This makes them ideal for athletes – it could help them to power through workouts without crashing later! MCFAs also stimulate the metabolism and allow for speedier fat burning and muscle building.
Coconut oil can be added to hot drinks, protein shakes, or pre-workout meals for an awesome and filling energy boost. The fun doesn’t stop there though! Many other coconut products are also loaded with fitness benefits.
Coconut Milk for rehydration
Coconut water is well-known for its isotonic and hydrating properties which make it an ideal work-out drink. But did you know coconut milk can also be used for hydration and to replenish the body? It contains an abundance of nutrients and the same healthy fats described above.
Thanks to coconut-loving personal trainer Jack (@urbanenergie) and Ironman trainee Cat (@catmac1987), we have an energising recipe for an electrolyte drink using Himalayan pink salt and coconut milk. Himalayan pink salt contains loads of minerals found in the human body, making up for those lost through sweat and exercise. With just 4 ingredients, this drink is super-easy to prepare and perfect for hydration and refuelling during training!
Coconut Milk-Electrolyte Shake
Simply mix together:
– 1L water
– 2 cups of coconut milk (250 ml)
– 1 teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt
– 1 teaspoon honey, lemon juice, coconut syrup, or other natural sweetener of your choice!
Check out Jack’s Instagram and Facebook for more fitness motivation and tips!
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