UFC Refresh Coconut Water 1L

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Product image 3UFC Refresh Coconut Water 1L

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Awarded 2 iTQi Awards, the Michelin Star of the food product world. 
Made from the freshest young green coconuts, UFC Refresh coconut water has an authentic taste without the need for additives -  it's produced with an unparalleled commitment to quality!
Coconut Water is known for having a load of natural minerals and nutrients, including Potassium which is great for rebuilding and repairing muscles and nerves for active bodies.
Why resort to chemicals and additives, when nature has a perfect way for you to hydrate naturally? And of course, do we need to say - never from concentrate! Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, dairy free and naturally fat and cholesterol free ,this range is quite simply 100% coconut water, therefore it's free from any nasties. Low in sugar and packed with five essential electrolytes, coconut water is naturally hydrating and incredibly refreshing - so it's a great natural energy drink. It isn't just delicious, it's also versatile, try adding it to smoothies, porridge, cocktails or simply on its own.
Designed in a format to allow you to store it in a pantry until you're ready to drink it! Then, once you open and enjoy it, stored in the fridge until you're ready for your next cup!
British summertime is here, and we're all about those park picnics, backyard barbecues, and soaking up the sunshine. Our Coconut Water is here to add that tropical touch to your summer adventures. Straight from the lush landscapes of Thailand, it's a natural, refreshing beverage that brings hydration, taste, and health to your summer days. So whether you're enjoying the outdoors or chilling at home, make our Coconut Water your go-to refreshment this season. Ready to make your summer even more delightful? Add a tropical twist to your cart now!

More than 99% Coconut water, less than 1% fruit sugar


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