How do I choose a quality coconut oil?

How can you make sure your coconut oil has retained its natural goodness?
If you’re here, you probably already know about all the amazing benefits of extra-virgin coconut oil! From hair to skin, to improving digestion and overall health, coconut oil is truly nature’s miracle. But not all coconut oils are created equal! In order to get all the fantastic natural benefits, there are certain qualities to look out for when choosing a quality coconut oil – such as virgin, cold-pressed and unrefined!
What’s the difference between refined coconut oils and virgin coconut oils?
Low cost, refined coconut oils may look like a tempting deal at first glance, but these coconut oils have been stripped of some of the nutrients, lacking the coconut goodness rich in antioxidants you’re seeking. These oils are derived from something called copra– inedible dried coconut removed from the coconut shell which needs to be further refined to produce coconut oil. They are known as RBD oils. RBD stands for: refined, bleached and deodorised.
By contrast, a ‘virgin’ or ‘extra virgin’ coconut oil is derived from fresh, edible coconut meat, which is first dried, then pressed. Virgin coconut oil has a light coconutty aroma and is loaded with all the coconut benefits you’re after! (As a side note – unlike the olive oil industry, there is technically no difference between virgin and extra virgin coconut oils.)
What is cold-pressing?
Cold-pressing involves pressing and grinding the coconut flesh to extract the oil at a low temperature, as opposed to refining it at high temperatures. As there will be some natural heat generated through the friction that occurs in pressing, the maximum temperature permitted to be classed as cold-pressed is 48 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit). When cold-pressing our raw organic extra virgin Coconut Merchant coconut oil, temperatures don’t exceed 16 degrees Celsius (61 degrees Fahrenheit), preserving the nutritional value, taste, and lovely mild coconut aroma in the best way possible!
Cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil maintains the nutrients, monoglycerides, vitamins, and antioxidants naturally present in the coconut, which work together with lauric acid to bring you all the healthy healing properties of coconut oil. Grab a jar and enjoy these wonderful benefits for yourself: you can cook with it, take it by the spoonful, and use it for a host of health and beauty purposes! Check out some of our recipes here.
You can read all about the nutritional contents and properties of Coconut Merchant’s coconut oil here!
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