Uses and Benefits of Coconut Oil

Often termed a “superfood,” extra virgin coconut oil is packed with amazing benefits – from beauty, to cooking, to health! We thought we would tell you about some of the more general uses and benefits of coconut oil, and give you links to where you can find more specific information.
Healthy Fats
Coconut oil contains medium chain saturated fats (MCSF). These are processed directly in the liver and considered by some to be a beneficial fat. The main MCSF in coconut oil is lauric acid, which can be found in human breast milk. It also contains vitamins E and K, and iron! Coconut oil can be used as a substitute for other cooking oils, and offers plenty of natural benefits as such.
As a beauty product, coconut oil is a wonderful natural moisturising tool. Traditionally it has been used in the tropics to soften hair and protect it against frizziness and damage. It is also used to naturally smoothen, soften and brighten dry, lacklustre skin, and has also been known to remedy sun damage! It can even be used for mouth care with methods like oil pulling or DIY toothpastes.
Make sure its virgin!
You really can use this natural little miracle in all kinds of exciting ways! From recipes to DIY face and hair masks, scrubs, makeup removers, and even as an all-natural shaving cream, there are so many ways to rejuvenate your life with coconut oil. But remember: not all coconut oils are created equal – whether you try our coconut oil or not, always ask for unrefined, virgin, organic coconut oil in order to truly get all the natural benefits you need!
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