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Our Ethical Story

We want to make sure that our farmers are paid fairly for the hard work they do. So, farm to fork, all our products are picked, packed, shipped and delivered to the highest ethical standard.

Why Choose Us?

Ethical sourcing

We care about people and our planet. We offer quality products which are fairly priced and ethically sourced, while also developing mindful and collaborative relationships with the hardworking farmers who produce our products. View our ethical policies here!

LOVE for quality products

All our coconut and other ingredients are the finest quality possible, at optimal levels of concentration, for their end purpose.

packed with love

At Coconut Merchant, love is the driving force which fuels everything we do. We use our old-world expertise to source products that are totally natural and bursting with delicious flavour.


Just like many of our customers, we care about all aspects of how our products are sourced. We have heard of people using monkeys to harvest their coconuts. This is a practice that we do not support. Our coconuts are harvested by trained professionals, who use specially designed tools on their impressive climbing skills to get our coconuts.


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