Coconut Jam

A heavenly spread
At Coconut Merchant we want to revolutionise how we enjoy natural foods.  It is with this in mind that we developed our new Coconut Merchant Coconut Jam!  We are really excited to be bringing it to you for the first time.
Our Coconut Jam is a delicious and unique spread we developed from coconut milk and coconut sugar. Simply made with 100% pure coconuts, with nothing else added and absolutely no refined sugars, this delicious natural jam boasts a slight caramel taste that is a great addition to many unique dishes! As an indication of its coco-purity, on cold days you may sometimes come across white spots in your jar. This is completely normal and you will just need to give your coconut jam a stir!
Coconut jam is a fantastic, healthier alternative to many popular spreads and butters! With its caramel-esque taste and similar consistency to Dulce de Leche, it makes an excellent caramel substitute. Our all-natural, 100% coconut spread is always gluten free, vegan and has a relatively low GI content. Perfect at afternoon tea as a topping on toast or pastries, coconut jam is also delicious added to porridge, ice cream, yoghurt, baking or as a frosting for sweet treats!
Try it for yourself!
We are so excited to bring coconut jam to British shores for the first time. Try it out for yourself here! It’s featured in a number of our recipes and we’d love to see what kinds of delicious coconutty creations you come up with! Send us an email with your photos or tell us how you like to enjoy your jar of coconut jam!
Oh – and don’t just take our word for it! Check out some of our customer reviews.
Just a few of our favourite testimonials:
“Yummilicious” – 5 stars – Mr. S. Bell-Craig
“Wow is all I can say to describe the coconut jam from Coconut Merchant. The texture was a lot like nutella, and the flavour was totally unexpected and well balanced with many layers of amazing mouth sensations. I made a coconut sponge and used the coconut jam for the jam layer. 10 out of 10. Totally unique and well worth changing from your regular jam, plus it’s 100% coconut, no other ingredients…<read more>
“Oh my god. This is incredible. Buy some.” – 5 stars – musogirl
“This is one of the most extraordinary products I have ever come across. The texture is a bit like firm Nutella, but the flavour is something else entirely (not to mention about a million times better than nutella, or indeed any other spread I’ve tried). It tastes caramelly/fudgy to start off with, and then the coconut flavour comes through, slightly toasted and just incredible. It really is not like anything else I have ever tasted…<read more>
“Dear Lord, this stuff is GOOD!!!!!” – 5 stars – Miss R. K. Mancey
“As I sit here with a jar of Coconut Jam, a spoon, and a soppy smile plastered all over my face, I decided it was about time that I wrote a review for this paradise nectar, so that everyone else in the world might be encouraged to experience the deliciousness for themselves!!…<read more>
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