How Can Coconut Oil Benefit My Pets?

From oil pulling to make-up remover, coconut oil has an endless amount of uses and healthy benefits. It can also be used for your pets too!
Anti-inflammatory benefits
We spoke to Sarah Pateman who swears by coconut oil not only for herself but for her three border terriers. Sarah Pateman says she gives one teaspoon every other day to her dogs. “They go crazy for it! They love it.” Coconut oil is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties. “One of my dogs had a sensitive stomach and after 6 months of taking coconut oil, he hasn’t had any problems with his stomach since.”
Anti-bacterial properties
Sarah also recommends coconut oil for healing open wounds due to its anti-bacterial properties. “My youngest dog had an open wound on the corner of his mouth. I applied coconut oil to the wound daily and it cleared up after just a few days. ”
Make sure it’s a quality coconut oil
Raw Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil can be given to your dogs directly the same way that Sarah feeds it to her dogs or mixed in with their meal. Regular consumption can be healthy for your dogs and can also improve the appearance of their coats. As with anything, use coconut oil in moderation. It should only be used as a small addition to an already healthy diet. Also, make sure it’s a quality coconut oil that’s raw, organic and extra virgin.
How do you use coconut oil?
Have you used coconut oil on your pets before? Or maybe you have an interesting way to use coconut oil for something else. Tell us about it!
Sarah Pateman’s Lessien Terriers love coconut oil!
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