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We’ve had a couple of questions lately about where our coconut oil is from, and why Sri Lanka?
The answer is simple: We take pride in our coconut oil, and we strive for every aspect of its production to reflect that! Sri Lanka is one of the coconut capitals of the world, boasting a long heritage of coconut production. We carefully source our coconuts from a single plantation to ensure that they are always pure and of the highest quality.
Coconuts form an integral part of Sri Lankan society, with coconut palms historically being known as “trees that give us all that is necessary for living,” and the versatile coconut palm does just that. The coconut palm provides food, coconut water, and a wide variety of practical uses. Many traditional Sri Lankan outdoor kitchens are often fashioned almost entirely from these wonderful trees, with tree trunks as beams and thatched coconut palm leaves for roofs!
We feel honoured to be part of this long and storied Ceylon tradition, and we’re committed to sharing the joys of these fine coconuts with the world!
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