So for today’s coconutty recipe, we’re bringing you one hell of a treat! Here’s what you’ll need to make the quickest, most delicious 🍓🥥 STRAWBERRY-COCONUT-OREO PARFAIT 🍓🥥:

🌿 200g chopped Strawberries
🌿 200g chopped Oreos
🌿 100ml of our Organic Coconut Cream (we recommend the Tetra Pak version for This as it’s so easy to pour and store ✌🏼)

Start by layering up the strawberries in a dessert glass, then add some cream, some Oreos, more cream and repeat until you reach the top of the glass. We recommend refrigerating for 30 mins so the cream thickens. You can then top it with an extra Oreo for extra deliciousness! 🤤 

Let us know if you try it!
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