To celebrate National Burger Day, we created this delicious burger in collaboration with Just Whole Foods. Ready to make some magic? đŸ’«Â 
Ingredients  *serves 4*
-  burger buns of choice
-  red and purple cabbage (about half a small cabbage each)
-  2 chunky carrots
-  2 tbsp Coconut Vinegar
-  3 tbsp Coconut Aminos
-  2 tbsp Coconut Honey
-  2 tbsp Coconut Oil (+ extra for coating the baking tray or frying)
-  1 box of @justwholefoods Burger Mix
-  Mayo of choice (we used spicy vegan Mayo!) đŸŒ±
-  optional: lettuce
- Start by making the burger patties by combining the Just Whole Food's mix with 175ml of boiling water + coconut oil and mix until all is combined - allow to cool for a moment before shaping into patties.
- Pre-heat the oven to 200c/180c fan/gas (skip this step if frying the burgers) and bake burgers on a slightly greased baking tray (use coconut oil) for approximately 20 minutes, turning midway!
- To make the slaw, cut all cabbage finely and using a peeler, peel the carrots into strings. Combine all veg in a big bowl and add the coconut vinegar, aminos and honey. Stir well.
- Build the burger by adding Mayo to both sides of the bun, add the patty, lettuce, slaw and you're good to go! 😋
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