Chocolate Bark

As usual, Heather Adamson (@Fresheather) has got you sorted in the clean eating sweets department! This deliciously simple recipe uses our coconut oil and coconut syrup, and can be adapted to suit any taste! Let’s get our sweet tooth on!
What you’ll need:
- ½ cup cacao powder
- ½ cup melted Coconut Oil
- 2-4 tablespoons Coconut Syrup
- The rest is up to you! Orange zest, a pinch of sea salt, berry powder, Coconut Flakes or Desiccated Coconut – whatever you fancy! You can add a chew and a crunch by adding in some cacao nibs and goji berries as well as some chopped almonds and hazelnuts.


Let’s get started!

1. Melt the coconut oil over a low heat.
2. Mix the cacao powder and sweetener into the melted oil, stirring until smooth and well combined. (Taste as you go along: you may need a bit more of one of the ingredients depending on your taste!)
2. Add in your desired extras, and then pour onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.
3. Hit the base of the tray on your working surface to ensure the chocolate will set evenly, then simply pop in the freezer for 5 minutes (or fridge for 10 minutes!).
4. Break up into shards, and enjoy!

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