Our miracle ingredient strikes once again!

That’s right: Coconut Oil, of all things, can help soothe hay fever symptoms 🙌

All you need to do is apply a little coconut oil around the edges of your nostrils which will trap most of the pollen before you breathe it in.

Apply it at night time, early mornings and when out and about, near green spaces for optimum results – making sure to reapply whenever you rub

This simple trick will also act as    a natural moisturiser around the areas of the nose that usually get sore from rubbing with tissues – win win! 

And it doesn’t stop there… Some other coco-goods may also come in hand when fighting hay fever season.

Did you know that dairy products stimulate the body to overproduce mucus, making blocked ears and noses a lot worse? And sugar – which is a natural inflammatory and causes our blood sugar to spike, leading to a crash and sudden release of adrenaline, as well as histamine – will further exacerbate hay fever symptoms?

Hence, a great way to prevent the above is by simply making a few smart swaps!

How about swapping normal cheese for a vegan version? Dairy milk for a plant based alternative? We are big advocates of our UFC Velvet Unsweetened Coconut Milk (you can also get the oat version of it!), of

Cooking cream for our Organic Coconut Cooking Cream? So easy!

And we’re not asking you to fully ditch sugar either… did you know Coconut Sugar has a low glycemic index which won’t cause your blood sugar to spike? Hence, no crash and further release of adrenaline/histamine, and no worsening symptoms!

See, a healthy diet, a few adjustments here and there and a little coconut oil around the nostrils, and you won’t even notice hay fever season is here!

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