The power of sleep

Why is sleep so important?
So we all know that sleep is important – no matter how well you eat or how much you exercise, you still need a good night’s sleep to be healthy, balanced, and refreshed. Sleep deprivation has a lot of hidden health hazards that are not always obvious so it’s important to prioritise getting adequate snooze time! The myriad health benefits that come from being well-rested include lower blood pressure and inflammation to boosting memory, mood and maintaining healthy skin. Sleep is time for our bodies to regulate hormone levels, repair damage, produce protein, and shape memories. A general consensus for a good amount of sleep per night is 7-9 hours, which will allow your body to do all of these things and more.
How can I get a good night’s rest?
Luckily, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you sleep better.  If you find it hard to fall asleep at night, make sure that you are conscious of your behaviours throughout the day so it will be easy for your body to relax and catch some Z’s! Here are some of our handpicked suggestions:
– Set a sleep schedule: Having a set bedtime and wake-up time will help your body get into a routine and get used to sleeping well. If you remain consistent, eventually you won’t even need an alarm, as your body will wake naturally.
– Ditch the afternoon coffee: if you drink coffee or caffeinated tea, stick to drinking it before lunchtime: it can cause difficulty sleeping up to ten to twelve hours after consumption! Cutting back your overall caffeine intake will help balance your sleep schedules as well.
– Avoid bright lights: use low-wattage bulbs in your room, turn off your television and computer, and don’t read from a backlit device before bed! These will all stimulate your brain rather than relax it, keeping you from falling asleep easily.
– Try gentle yoga pre-bedtime: Yoga can be both stimulating but also very relaxing, depending on the poses you do. Try these 5 gentle yoga poses to prepare your body for sleep.
How can coconut oil help me sleep?
-Fill up on healthy fats at dinner: We love this one, because what better healthy fat is there than coconut oil!? Fat helps your body run, rather than sugar, which will cause blood sugar swings and hunger just before bed. Medium-chain-triglyceride oils like coconut oil help keep you feeling full and satisfied post-dinner, which will help you sleep easier (plus the bonus of helping your body burn fat whilst you sleep!). Cook your vegetables in it or take it directly with a tablespoon. You can also try it in your bedtime tea!:
-Coconut-chamomile bedtime tea
If you’re looking for a little coconutty support to help you get to sleep, try a warming coconut chamomile tea! Simply brew a chamomile tea, and pop a teaspoon of coconut oil in once you’re ready. It will melt on contact with the hot water, but give it a good stir anyway, and you should be good to go! The chamomile tea will calm and relax you and help you get in the sleep mindset, and the coconut oil will add the extra antioxidants and other nutritious properties to keep you waking up with that healthy, well-rested glow!
Read more on the benefits of coconut oil here!
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