Ethically Sourced Products

Here at Coconut Merchant, we consider the ethical sourcing of our products an integral part of our ethos! For us, this is not simply a checklist of procedures that we abide by, but rather an attitude that informs everything that we do. For us, the farmers who grow our coconuts are every bit as important as our customers – and from coconut plantation to kitchen table, we are committed to making sure everyone is happy and healthy!

We source our coconuts from Sri Lanka, The Philippines, and Thailand. We are committed to providing comfortable working conditions and pay for our
farmers and staff, as well as environmental sustainability. With a passion for 100% natural products where the only ingredient is – you guessed it! – coconut, we never use chemicals* or genetically modified ingredients in our products.
Inside and out, we pledge to always provide ethically sourced products that everyone can feel good about. For more information about our ethical sourcing policy, click here.
* Our canned coconut milk has stabiliser inside because it comes in a tin. Coconut Merchant’s snack-size coconut chips have added salt and cane sugar;
the rest of the range has no other ingredient than coconut. All of our products are gluten-free and dairy-free.
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