Coconut oil uses: Recipes and everyday benefits

This versatile natural ingredient is much discussed, so we’ve created a quick guide to coconut oil uses. Also, how true is it that coconut oil is a beauty product?

There are three important things you need to know about coconut oil.

It’s incredibly versatile, provides important nutritional benefits, and it belongs in the bathroom as well as your kitchen.

Such wide-sweeping claims can lead to lots of questions. Such as, are there two versions of coconut oil, one for cooking and one for hair and skin? Also, as coconut oil is good for you, how can I use it in recipes? Does coconut oil help to improve skin?

To answer those queries and more here’s an overview of coconut oil uses - in the kitchen and beyond! 

Why include Coconut Oil in your grooming or beauty regime? 

Stack of CM La Vie coconut oilFirst, we lift the lid on coconut oil applications in the bathroom. 

Put simply, it’s a great way to improve the look and feel of your skin and hair, whatever your gender. That’s because this plant oil contains lauric acid, a highly-respected fatty acid, or lipid. It's packed with nutrients that your cells can absorb easily. Leaving no greasy residue.

So, coconut oil penetrates into your pores, hair follicles and hair strands, providing you with instant moisture. The hydration properties of coconut oil are not the only way it protects your skin and hair though, as it's also believed to be a natural defence against sun damage. (Though it can’t be used as an alternative to sunscreens).

It also offers anti-inflammatory values, and it’s an antimicrobial substance, meaning it kills nasties! Studies have shown coconut oil is effective in combating bacteria, fungi, viruses and other pathogens found on humans, which makes it a handy natural deodorant as well as a great cleanser.

Applying coconut oil to your skin

You can use coconut oil as a makeup remover – or for general cleansing to rid your face of everyday contaminates. Then, apply a generous amount as a coconut oil face mask, and leave it to work its magic. 

As this is a wholly natural moisturiser (and our version is particularly pure, organic and handled with care) you can also use it on problem skin anywhere on your body. For example, people with eczema have used it as a safe and effective moisturiser. 

According to the National Eczema Association: Coconut oil has the natural ability to penetrate the skin quickly and efficiently, which can boost hydration, improve skin elasticity, fight itch and reduce the chances of infection.”

Coconut oil for hair and nails

Using coconut oil for your hair is equally straightforward. It just replaces normal conditioners, which are often largely water, perfumes and chemicals.

Did you know that one of coconut oil’s uses is to improve fingernail health? Gently rub it into your cuticles to add nutrients that help to heal and revitalise them.

More ways to use coconut oil

You could buy two identical products from our online coconut oil range and put one in your kitchen and the other on a bathroom shelf. Or, we do sell CM La Vie Coconut Oil especially refined and packaged to use for hair and skin health.

There’s another place you should store a small jar of coconut oil too. In the utility room! Rubbing a little on stains can bring them out of fabric, as a handy pre-wash aid. Some people use coconut oil as a natural furniture polish too.

Perhaps a small jar for the first aid cabinet too? Applying coconut oil to minor cuts, scrapes and bruises concentrate the important nutrients, helping the area to heal.

Coconut oil recipes

Shelf with ingredients on including a jar of coconut oilThis part of the article could be colossal, as there are many ways to include coconut oil in your diet. Everything from energy-boosting Keto coffee recipes, to using it as a clean-living oil for frying at high temperatures. It’s also the ideal plant-based alternative to butter and a way of adding moisture (and nutritional value) to cakes. 

To leave you with one example, we’ve used coconut oil in our delicious recipe for sugar-free banana bread. You will find this cake beautifully moist, and the lack of sugar will not be an issue!

For more great ideas for coconut oil recipes, keep in touch with the Coconut Merchant.
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