Coconut Oil Beauty Uses

How can I use coconut oil in my daily beauty regime?
So we’re sure you coconut lovers are probably well familiarised with the fantastic health benefits of extra virgin coconut oil by now – and did you know it’s also an incredible external beauty product? Loaded with antibacterial and moisturising benefits, you can use coconut oil to replace nearly every product in your bathroom cupboard, from makeup remover to mouthwash and even shaving cream! Here are some of our favourite uses:
Skin Moisturiser: Coconut oil is packed with medium-chain triglycerides that are ideal for deeply moisturising skin without causing breakouts or greasiness! The lauric acid present in coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial, making it perfect for skin. Remember that less is more – a little bit of coconut oil goes a long way! Just a pea-sized amount should be enough to moisturise your face. Use coconut oil regularly at night and wake up with soft, naturally glowing skin! For added softness to your skin, you can also add it to a relaxing hot bath!
Make-up Remover and facial cleanser: Enough with harsh cleansing wipes and washes – go the au naturel route and remove your eye and facial makeup with coconut oil! Simply apply it directly to skin and wipe or rinse clean. It melts upon contact and removes makeup instantly and gently!
Shaving Balm: Coconut oil makes a wonderful replacement for shaving cream, keeping skin soft and moisturised. Shave towards the end of your shower, after the warm water has opened your hair follicles to allow for the best shave. It’s best to exfoliate with a body scrub before shaving – check out our DIY coconut based body scrub recipe here – and then simply apply a small amount of coconut oil to the area you want to shave. Simply shave as normal (and you can even moisturise after with coconut oil for extra smoothness!).
Hair and make-up brush Cleanser: When it’s time to wash your brushes, what better than coconut oil again?! Simply make a DIY brush cleanser with 2 parts castile soap and 1 part coconut oil and enjoy brushes that are as good as new in no time! You can also add tea tree or lavender essential oils for added freshness.
Deep hair conditioner: Simply massage a small amount of coconut oil through your hair for shiny, moisturised, and healthy tresses! This is a great way to restore moisture and softness to hair overnight – just apply the coconut oil before bed and wash it out in the morning to reveal beautifully soft hair!
Natural tooth paste and mouth wash: Coconut oil is filled with antibacterial properties, making it the perfect way to clean your teeth, tongue, and gums. Oil pulling is a fantastic way to remove toxins and leave your mouth feeling clean. You can even make your own homemade whitening toothpaste with coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils!
Deodorant: Believe it or not, simply swiping a little bit of coconut oil under your underarms keeps them moisturised, stops you from sweating, and works as a natural deodorant – all day long! Goodbye body odour, hello delicious coconut smell! Make sure you use virgin cold-pressed coconut oil for the lovely natural, slight coconut aroma.
Lip balm: Just smooth a little bit of coconut oil on dry or cracked lips to get them moisturised and fresh as ever right away, no matter how cold and dry it is outside.
Cuticle oil: Save your manicures with coconut oil! You can reverse cracked cuticles by rubbing a bit of coconut oil on them, and even rub it over the nail to make your manicures last longer – goodbye, peeling, cracked polish!
These are just a few of the many external uses for coconut oil! Let us know which ones you have tried and which ones work best for you. Keep an eye out for more beauty recipes and ideas on our website!
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