Coconut Oil for Sinuses!

We’ve already extolled many of the wonderful virtues of oil pulling – the natural ancient method to oral health – but did you know it can also clear up sinus issues? If you’re suffering from bad colds this autumn, oil pulling may be just the remedy you need to get you feeling back on track again!
Oral health is imperative to the health of the body as a whole, and many issues –from sinus infections to digestive problems and skin conditions – may very well stem from poor oral health. Oil pulling works to remove toxins from the mouth, the idea being to prevent them from getting into the bloodstream and permeating the rest of the body! Sinus infections are caused by a buildup of bacteria in the nasal passage, so oil pulling is a great way to remedy and prevent this problem!
Coconut oil, as you know, is said to be packed with antibacterial and antiviral properties, making it the perfect oil to deep-cleanse the mouth with to get rid of bacteria. Oil pulling works best when done first thing in the morning, before eating. Simply swish a tablespoon or so of coconut oil around your mouth, making sure not to swallow any (as you’d be swallowing the toxins you’ve just pulled out!). Twenty minutes is recommended, but don’t worry if you can’t manage it for that long just yet – any oil pulling is better than none! When you’re done, simply spit the oil into the bin so as to not clog your drain. Some people report clearer sinuses right away, and others may take a bit more time, so keep at it!
You’ll enjoy a cleaner mouth from regular oil pulling and the widespread suggested health benefits that come with good oral hygiene. Still brush your teeth with toothpaste alongside oil pulling for good oral health. If you’re interested in making your own natural toothpaste with coconut oil, simply click here!
Have you experience the benefits of oil pulling? Tell us about it!
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