Coconut Oil for Pets

Those of you with dogs may have noticed something funny happen when you coat yourself with coconut oil: you become your furry friend's new favourite chew toy. It’s safe to say, pets are just as loco for the coco as we are. And, all of its amazing benefits apply to man's best friend too! All the natural benefits of coconut oil that we enjoy, can also work wonders for your pets. Plus, unlike other herbal supplements, they usually love the taste of coconut oil! Here are some of our favourite suggestions on how to share the power of the coconut with your furry friends.
1. Aid digestion. Just like with humans, coconut oil is thought to have digestive benefits for animals. Simply mix it in with their food – or let them lick it straight off the spoon.
2. Improve coats. If you're here, reading this, you most likely love the conditioning and moisturising effect coconut oil has on your own hair and skin – so why not share this natural beauty tip with your pets? They too can achieve soft, shiny and luscious looking hair by simply adding a small amount of coconut oil when you bathe or brush them. Check out our DIY pet shampoo.
3. Deodorising. As much as we adore our pets, we can't deny that they can get a bit smelly at times. Just as we can use coconut oil as a natural deodorant, it also works like a charm rubbed into our pets’ coats to freshen it up!
4. Disinfect cuts. So, your precious little pooch has arrived home from their adventures with some nasty cuts or scrapes? Not to worry. Our favourite superfood's suggested antibacterial properties can be great for soothing and disinfecting cuts.
5. Picky eaters. If your pet is a picky eater, coconut oil is a great way to get them to eat more and get health benefits in the process. Mixing it through their food will make their food taste better, leading them to eat more of it. Best of all, unlike other less-appetising natural supplements, they usually adore the taste of coconut oil and won’t squirm away – quite the opposite, in fact! How much coconut oil should I give my pet? The recommended serving size for your furry friend is based on their size. As a general rule, we would suggest one teaspoon per 10 pounds. However it's advisable to start slow at about 1/4 of the suggested dosage, then building it up as your four-legged friend gets used to it.
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