Looking for the perfect winter drink that combines incredible nutritional benefits and taste? 👀 We've got you! 😋

To make this simple KETO + VEGAN FRIENDLY MORINGA LATTE, all you’ll need is: 
- 1 cup UFC Velvet Coconut Milk 
- 1 tsp Moringa Powder
- 1 tsp MCT Oil 
- Erythritol to taste 
✨ Method ✨

Heat up your UFC velvet in a small pan on medium-heat until it starts to bubble (don’t let it boil), switch to low heat and add in the moringa + erythritol. Stir well and remove from heat. Allow to cool slightly and add in MCT oil and stir well. Serve it in your favourite mug and sprinkle some more Moringa on top. Perfection! 👌🏼
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