Grab your apron, light up a candle and put on some good ol’ Halloween tunes cause it’s spooooookies time 🍪👻

These cookies (cough cough, spookies 🧙‍♀️) are not only scary good, but they’re also super fun and easy to make treats – you’ll only need a few ingredients in hand!


Here’s what you’ll need: 

🎃 Cookies of your choice (we went for ginger cookies to make it even more festive!) 

🎃 1/2 bar dark chocolate (at least 70%) 

🎃 1/2 white vegan chocolate 

🎃 4 tbsp Organic Coconut Milk for cooking (must be full fat!) 

🎃 1 1/2 tbsp coconut oil 

🎃 Piping bag (for decorating!) 

1. Start by separately melting the two half chocolate bars in small sized bowls (you can microwave it or use bain marie, but if microwaving, make sure to double check and stir every minute or so so the chocolate doesn’t burn). 
2. Once both chocolates are smoothly melted, add 2 tbsp of coconut milk + 2/3 tbsp of coconut oil to each bowl, and stir both thoroughly till all three ingredients are combined. 
3. Using a small spoon, spread a thin layer of the dark chocolate mixture into the cookies and take it to the fridge for 10-15min so the spread is not super melty upon decorating. 
4. Transfer the white chocolate mixture to a piping bag and start decorating! You can get as creative as you want 👻 
5. Take the cookies back into the fridge for approximately 45min and they’re good to go. Yum! 


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