What is coconut oil good for?

Coconut oil is one of the most nourishing and versatile kinds of oil on the planet, especially when you are looking to use coconut oil for hair & skin. Here, we will be looking at some of the many benefits of coconut oil and how you can use it in your daily life for your health, hair and skin, as well as some tips for cleaning with coconut oil.


You may have heard that coconut oil can be used on your hair, but you probably haven’t tried it yet. Perhaps you’re worried about making your hair look greasy. But fear not — coconut oil makes the perfect hair mask. It can easily replace more expensive, chemically-based hair masks and treatments, allowing you to benefit from the natural goodness of coconut oil. Not only does it help to ease damaged and dry hair, but it also provides a little protection for your tired out strands. You can even use it on chemically treated locks.

Coconut oil soaks into your hair and gives it the hydration hit that it needs, nourishing hair and helping to restore health and shine. You can simply warm solid coconut oil between your palms and massage it into dry hair, wrapping your hair for a few hours, and rinsing it out with plenty of shampoo. It’s perfect if you're trying to cut down on chemicals while still giving your hair the care it needs.


Do you avoid using oils on your face? Why not break that with coconut oil? It can be used in a variety of ways for all kinds of skin types — coconut oil works as a chemical-free makeup remover, in fact. You can melt it between your palms and carefully massage it into your skin, even around your eyes, rinsing off with warm water. Waterproof mascara and more stubborn makeup is no match for coconut oil — but that isn’t all that coconut oil does for you.

This seemingly magical oil can be used as a moisturiser both on your face and across your entire body. When it comes to nourishing dry skin, coconut oil is great value for money, as you can use the same jar or tub all over, and only need to use a little at a time.

Healthier cooking

When you are cooking, you probably look to make substitutions that help you to stay healthy. Coconut oil is a fantastic choice when it comes to cooking, as you can use it in curries and even for baking. But why choose coconut oil over other choices? Well, coconut oil is known to contain lauric acid, which means it has antimicrobial properties and can also be something of an anti-inflammatory.

Physical health

Due to its antimicrobial properties, using coconut oil topically is thought to ease some skin conditions, such as eczema. Because coconut oil is in the family of medium-chain triglycerides, coconut oil is also thought to help burn fat more efficiently than other oils might.

Cleaning and household chores

This one might surprise you, but coconut oil can even be used for household chores. If you are looking to avoid shop-bought chemicals, or simply want to cut back on the amount you are using in your home, then coconut oil can act as a cleaning substitute. Its oily texture can help you to remove labels from surfaces that they might get stuck on, so you can remove sticky patches and create a smoother surface. Another fantastic use is to rub a little coconut oil on those squeaking hinges to help them move more smoothly again — a little bit of a DIY hack!

When it comes to daily cleaning, coconut oil can be mixed with lemon juice to create a DIY furniture polish that can help to give wood that fresh shine. Or use coconut oil with baking soda and eradicate soap buildup and mildew in your bath or shower.

As we have explored, there are so many great ways to use coconut oil in your daily life. Whether you want a nourishing hair product, a natural way to remove makeup, or a fantastic alternative to other cooking oils, organic coconut oil is a must-have.
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