New to coconuts? Here are 4 great benefits!

You may have heard a lot about coconuts in the media and among your social circles, but have been looking for some information. We thought it might be useful to briefly set out some of the health benefits of coconuts based on articles we have found.
Coconut is full of fatty acids. At first thought this may seem concerning, we have been taught that fats are bad for us and should be avoided! Coconut flesh (what our Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made from) is about 69% coconut fat and coconut milk is approximately about 24% fat. But more recent research has shown that there are different types of fats, some of which can actually be beneficial.
Most of the fat we normally consume is made up of long-chain fatty acids (LCFA) and these are said to be the ones that we should generally avoid. However researchers suggest in coconuts, the majority of the fat is medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA), which are very different and are processed directly by the liver.
Two of the key MCFAs found in coconuts are:
  • Lauric Acid: This is approximately 50% of the fatty acid in coconuts. In the human body this becomes Monolaurin – a chemical with suggested antiviral, antibacterial and antiprotozoal monoglyceride properties.
  • Capric Acid: This is approximately 6-7% of the fatty acids in coconuts, which is turned into Monocaprin in the body and has similar properties as Lauric Acid.
The immune system is complex and full of feedback mechanisms but as the above suggests, the promotion of Monolaurin and Monocaprin by the fatty acids in coconuts could potentially boost the immune system. Monolaruin for example is found in breast milk as a way for mothers to boost the immune strength of babies.
Incorporating coconut products and oil into your regular beauty care can have great benefits:
  • Skin Care: coconut oil and butter are great natural moisturisers for skin, as well as helping alleviate dry skin and potentially cases of eczema and dermatitis.
  • Hair: as you know, hair is made up from the same proteins as skin, so coconut oil and butter can also be beneficial for your scalp and hair care also.
  • Facial Cleanser: coconut oil is wonderful as a cleanser. You can even use it as a make-up remover!
Coconut water is loaded with electrolytes, which are essential in helping the body absorb water and function effectively. These are potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium. Studies suggest that coconut water is your key to natural, chemical free hydration after exercise, during your work day, while you’re out socialising, or the day after!
With the increasing popularity of coconut products, there is a growing wealth of information and research available on the benefits and effects of coconuts. This includes areas such as the beneficial effects of coconuts on heart disease, its ability to boost brain function and also moderate metabolic functions. While the prevailing consensus is that it is beneficial, we have not included these just yet; there are however books available on each of these. We encourage you to also do your own research and make an informed decision.
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