Coconut Water for Hangovers

Friday night tipple anyone? Whether you’re gasping for a little beverage after successfully completing dry January or are just planning on doing what you do best, make sure you’re prepared with a super hydrating beverage (like coconut water!) for the aftermath. We swear by coconut water to cure our morning-after woes, and for good reason. It’s amazingly hydrating, and contains antioxidants and electrolytes- specifically potassium, which are key to your post-party recovery!
Drinking alcohol causes our body oxidative stress, inflammation and insane dehydration- all of which our coconut friends can help to relieve! Being low on anti-oxidants can make a hangover even more unpleasant, as your body is less able to prevent and repair damage. Our coconut water comes from young green coconuts which are naturally rich in antioxidants (more so than the mature coconut!) so provide the necessary goods to replenish your anti-oxidant levels. These natural hangover saviours also contain more potassium than a banana- along with calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium, to help replace all those essential electrolytes we so willingly flush out!
So this weekend, enjoy your favourite tipple knowing that coconut water will be there to comfort you the following morning!
See more of the amazing benefits of coconut oil here!


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