Coconut Syrup

How is coconut syrup made?
Coconut syrup is a delicious natural sweetener, made from the nectar of coconut palm flowers. This nectar is found inside the blossoms of the coconut palm tree. Farmers tap the sweet nectar in a way similar to that of maple syrup production: it is then collected in bamboo containers and placed under controlled evaporation until they reach the consistency of syrup.
This evaporation can be carried on to produce another coconut product we know and love: crystallised coconut sugar, which can then go on to make other delicious coconut treats (coconut jam anyone?!) Even an alcoholic drink called coconut toddy can also be made from the freshly-tapped coconut blossom sap!
Why and how should I use coconut syrup?
Coconut syrup is vegan and has a much lower GI (35) compared to regular sugar (65-70), making it an ideal alternative sweetener to honey or table sugar. It also contains trace amounts of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron and copper, as well as antioxidants and phytonutrients.
Coconut Merchant’s Coconut Syrup is 100% natural without any artificial flavours or preservatives. With the consistency of molasses and its toffee-esque taste and tangy sweetness, coconut syrup is the perfect addition to naturally enhance:
– hot drinks
– smoothies
– waffles
– porridge
– natural yoghurt
– ice cream
– a substitute for sugar in baking
How do you like to use coconut syrup? Let us know.
See our recipes page for cooking and baking ideas.
Haven’t tried coconut syrup yet? Find it in our online store!
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