Coconut Sugar vs Normal Sugar - 6 Things You Need to Know

The hunt is on for healthy switches you can make in your food buying habits, and ways to improve your diet without making food bland. We explore things you need to know when choosing Coconut Sugar vs Normal Sugar.

There are many lingering myths and misconceptions about the pros and cons of plant-based alternatives to many traditional foodstuffs.

Some people don't even realise you can choose coconut sugar, instead of cane sugar. Let alone understand the benefits of making a switch.

So, here’s 6 things you need to know about sugar made from coconut plants as we breakdown coconut sugar v normal sugar. 

Both options are equally versatile

Think of all the places normal sugar is used. Now, you also have a list of ways to introduce coconut sugar into your diet.

You can switch to this alternative without making any compromises in the way you bake, prepare sauces or sweeten drinks for example.

Benefits of Coconut Sugar

The next question is likely to be if you can use coconut sugar in all the same ways you use normal sugar, why bother making the change?

One of the main advantages of sugar extracted from coconut palms is that it has a lower glycemic index (GI) rating. This helps some people with their blood sugar management.

Our coconut nectar sugar is also 100% organic, pure and with no hidden nasties. More on this later.

Does it taste like coconuts though?

This can be one of the biggest myths about milk and sugar from coconuts. You don’t get an overpowering coconutty taste.

In fact, our sugar doesn’t even come from the nut. It’s the sap of the coconut palm, extracted and crystallised using ageless techniques to create unrefined sugar with no GMOs.

If you need a taste comparison between coconut sugar and normal sugar, then our product is most like brown cane varieties. So, it provides a slight caramel flavour.

Coconut sugar contains nutrients

This point is a deal-breaker for many people concerned about the health implications of using normal sugar.

Cane sugar is often referred to as ‘empty calories’. You get sweetness but nothing else. It’s why honey has risen in popularity as an alternative to normal sweetening agents.

The fact that coconut sugar is the sap of palms means it retains some of the plant’s nutritional elements. So, it gives you a sweet taste AND things that are good for you.

For instance, quality coconut sugar has antioxidants and minerals in it, like calcium, iron, zinc and potassium. It also contains a type of plant fibre, which is why it is so good for slowing down the absorption of glucose.

Great way to source unrefined sweetness

One of the things modern consumers look for, when sourcing foodstuffs, is how much processing is used in their creation.

Many sugars you see on supermarket shelves are refined. The source material has been broken down, heavily processed and metabolised for maximum sweetness and shelf-life.

Coconut sugar is unrefined. It is a more raw and pure way to sweeten things when compared to many common alternatives.

The online organic coconut sugar we sell is extracted carefully, and only from organic (and ethical) cultivators. It's then granulated using quality-controlled systems, which means compared to many normal sugars it undergoes minimal mechanical interference.

Sucrose v fructose

We strive to create ethical and authentic products. So we are transparent about the health claims attached to coconut products.

One common debate when evaluating normal sugar v coconut sugar revolves around 'fructose'

Many forms of cane derivatives have high fructose content, making them a serious issue in the battle to stop growing levels of obesity. Such as the syrups added to popular fizzy drinks.

Some suppliers of coconut sugar will tell you that it doesn’t contain fructose, which adds to its value as an alternative to normal sweetening sources.

Before you get excited and start spreading delicious coconut sugar on everything, keep in mind that it is equally high in calories when compared to normal cane sugar.

The truth is, coconut sugar has sucrose, which ultimately has the same sweetness as fructose-based products.

Where to source coconut sugar, that’s organic and pure?

What does all that ‘boil down to’?

All forms of sugar should be used a part of a calorie-controlled and balanced diet.

However, when you buy coconut sugar online from us, you have the assurance of a pure product with some nutritional advantages over normal sugar. (It also tastes great!) 

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