Coconut Milk VS Cow's Milk: Which is better for you?

Sales of coconut milk are booming. Largely because it tastes great and offers a lactose-free and vegan alternative to dairy. However, which is best for you, coconut milk or cow’s milk?

Switching to plant-based milk makes perfect sense if you want a vegan alternative or you have tolerance issues with lactose. What’s great to see though, is how many people are simply experimenting with the flavour of coconut milk.

New devotees are finding that coconut milk tastes amazing in coffee. It also happens to be a great way to create delicious cakes, sauces and other culinary delights. Thanks to its luxurious creaminess, gentle sweet nuttiness and refreshingly different taste.

Adding coconut milk can lift even the simplest recipe or make your morning beverage special, especially lattes.

However, particularly if you’re making the change from choice, it leads to an important question. Which is better for you, coconut milk or cow’s milk?

The answer could also help reassure anyone looking for a healthy alternative to dairy products.

Get your gut on track

Let’s start with the most obvious difference between milk from cows and coconuts.

Our plant-based products include lactose-free milk.

There are ideal for people who know they are lactose intolerant. However, there are countless other people who have no idea why sometimes they get diarrhoea, bloating and gas. The culprit could be the animal-based sugars (lactose) in milk and other dairy products.

That means switching to coconut milk could be a step forward in solving gut issues in some adults. It's certainly worth a try.

Protein matters

There’s a misconception that you need animal by-products to get sufficient protein in your diet. When in fact, the right combination of plant-based foods can provide all you need.

Cow’s milk does contain more protein than coconuts can offer. However, there is protein in coconut milk to add to your daily recommended targets.

Vitamins and minerals

Both cow’s milk and coconut milk can be ‘fortified’. This means that the naturally occurring nutritional values can be enhanced by adding extra vitamins and minerals.

The trick is to find a supplier of good quality coconut milk, in various forms. A company that cares about the integrity of its products, including organic coconut milk with no ‘nasties’ but plenty of benefits. Including added calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Versatility values

There’s also a misconception that cows milk is better for you as you can incorporate it into your diet more easily, also adding to its appeal to a wider range of family members.

This is partly as people get coconut water and coconut milk mixed up.

The water is the refreshing, low-calorie liquid from a coconut's centre.

Our milk is made from the creamy white pulp of organic coconuts, so it is packed with taste and naturally occurring nutrients including vital minerals and a good dose of vitamin C. Making it universal and very versatile.

It can be used in all the same ways as cow’s milk.

Look out for versions specially created for cooking, and nutritionally rounded coconut milk for drinking straight. There's coconut cream to make your baking amazing, and you can even buy coconut milk powder, for a convenient dairy alternative.

Sugar and fat content

This is another area of confusion when considering “is coconut milk good for me?” Again, it hinges on the best coconut milk providers. For instance, we offer the option of buying unsweetened coconut milk to help customers looking for a low-calorie alternative for drinks or to put on cereals.

It also happens to have no Gluten, Soy, Lactose, Trans Fats and Cholesterol.

Word of caution though, some versions of coconut milk do have added sugars, which can tip the scales in favour of cow’s milk if you want to calorie count.

Also, the process of making quality coconut milk involves skimming off some of the pulp oil, to adjust the fat content. So just like dairy milk, versions vary when it comes to fat levels

Which is healthier, cows or coconut milk?

As the above blog shows, that’s a question only you can answer. It depends on what your priorities are, and any dietary needs you have.

However, ethically sourced, organic products from The Coconut Merchant come with the reassurance of scrupulous production techniques and a close eye on nutritional values.

Taste test our velvety milk with our Coco De Mayo inspired recipes.

As we continue to celebrate Cinco De Mayo throughout May, we are releasing many mexican inspired recipes to tang those tastebuds.

Kick off the celebrations and become a mixologist with our Coconut Jalapeno Margarita recipe 💃🏻

Ensure to get your regular subscription delivery of Coconut Milk to continue the Margarita fun throughout your summer. With 100% confidence, your health is our priority. 

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