Coconut oil for hair: what are the benefits?

Coconut oil can be used in a variety of ways for beauty. One of the best uses for coconut oil is for your hair. Here, we will be discussing how you can use coconut oil for your hair and how beneficial this can be.

The versatility of coconut oil

Coconut oil is an incredibly versatile type of oil. It can be used for beauty as a cleanser and exfoliator and is often utilised in cooking as an alternative to oil or sunflower oil.

Why use coconut oil on your hair?

But why would you want to use coconut oil in your hair? It can be something of a saviour for damaged hair - providing hydration and nourishment.
Hair can become damaged from such regular everyday activities as brushing and heat styling your hair. Coconut oil can actually help to restore health to your hair thanks to its unique chemical compound.

Help hair health

There are plenty of benefits of coconut oil, as well as easing daily stressors. It also provides a great level of protection from lice - it can be as effective, when used in a spray, as chemical treatments.
You can also use it to protect your hair from the sun, as it can help to block UV rays. Coconut oil can contain a sun protection factor of 8, which can keep your hair from getting sun damaged during those warmer months.

If you suffer from dandruff, coconut oil has antimicrobial elements which could be useful when it comes to easing a flaky scalp.

Improve your look

woman with long healthy hairIf you are looking to grow your hair longer, hair loss can be upsetting. Coconut oil can ease damage to the hair shaft, which can help your hair to grow longer and look healthier.
Not only that, but coconut oil adds moisture to your hair and helps to reduce protein loss - which are important factors in healthy looking and feeling hair.

How to apply coconut oil

There are different ways to apply coconut oil - you can use it on wet or dry hair, using a small amount to tame your style or a large amount as a treatment. It can also be used on either washed or unwashed hair.

Coconut oil is a good option when used pre-wash. It can help to keep your hair safe and healthy during washing and give a boost of moisture.

Use coconut oil as a conditioner to give extra hydration - you can simply shampoo your hair and then apply coconut oil, combing it through to the ends of your hair and rinsing thoroughly.

It is also popularly used as a post-wash detangling option which is best when applied after your usual washing routine. Once your hair is rinsed, you can apply a small amount of coconut oil as a protectant while brushing.

One of the most beloved uses of coconut oil is as a hair mask. You can rub coconut oil throughout your hair and cover it with a shower cap or towel, leaving it in for several hours. It can even be left overnight for a truly intensive treatment.

Finally, coconut oil is excellent for treating your scalp. Simply rub a small amount into your scalp in the evening and wash it out in the morning for a cleansed and nourished scalp.

Tips for application

Depending on the way you use coconut oil, it can be part of your regular routine or as an occasional treatment that provides heavy nourishment. Generally, using more coconut oil should be kept for occasional use, while the odd little bit can be used almost daily to tame and hydrate your hair.

The best way to use coconut oil is to start small and increase the amount slowly to see how much you need.
Worried about greasy hair? This is always a concern when applying oils to hair, but don’t let it put you off.
Start at the mid-sections of your hair to the ends. Using coconut oil on your roots should be kept for intensive hydrating sessions, and you should thoroughly wash out the oil after you have applied it to your scalp and roots to avoid greasiness.

Coconut oil is a wonderful way to keep your hair healthy and protected, as well as giving it some incredible shine. As a natural hair treatment, it is hard to beat.
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