Coconut Oil Body Butter

As delicious as this sounds, we must clarify- it is meant for your body!
Unfortunately along with all the festive cheer, this cold and dry wintery weather puts brings great suffering to your precious skin. Luckily, we have the answer to keeping your skin soft all winter. This whipped coconut body butter is completely natural, richly moisturising and as an added bonus, it will leave you smelling like chocolate – what more could we ask for? Unlike, lotions and moisturisers, body butter contains no water, meaning it will take longer to sink into the skin (without being greasy), and moisturise to a deeper level.
The key ingredient is – you guessed it- coconut! Among the many benefits of coconuts, studies have shown its value in minimising water loss and increasing hydration in desperately dry skin. You’re skin will adore you for this, and so will your bank balance- with our step-by step instructions of how to make your own!
This blissful body butter also makes an excellent festive gift – just pop it in a vintage jar, with a ribbon on top and you have the perfect homemade gift to keep your friends and family winter-proof! Shall we get started?
What you’ll need:
- ¼ cup coconut oilAdd to cart
- ¼ cup cocoa butter
- 15 drops essential oil (pick your favourite scent or if you prefer - make it unscented!)
- ¼ cup shea butter
- ¼ cup sweet almond oil



Let’s get mixing! 

1. Begin by mixing the coconut oil, coconut butter, shea butter and sweet almond oil in a medium sized pot.
2. Gently heat on a low-medium temperature until your ingredients have melted.
3. Once your ingredients have turned to liquid, turn off the heat and leave your mixture to set slightly. To test – stick your finger/a utensil in and make sure it holds the space once removed.
4. Once your concoction is partly set, drop in your essential oils then either combine by hand or with your food processor until you have a velvety smooth mixture with stiff peaks.
5. Transfer your mixture into a dressed up recycled jar. Your delightful body butter can be stored at room temperature, however if you find it turning slightly liquidy again, just re-whisk!

Enjoy your silky, smooth skin!

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