Coconut Oil and Coffee

Can’t live without your daily coffee hit? Want to take your coffee up a notch? We love putting coconut oil in our coffee, and we’d love to share the benefits of coconutty coffee with you!
Simply putting a spoonful of coconut oil into your coffee in the morning is a great way to provide longer lasting energy and to enjoy all the amazing benefits of coconut oil. You can even add it to the milk when you steam your lattes, giving a velvety smooth froth at the top of your coffee.
As we’ve mentioned before [just once or twice], the medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) in our beloved coconut oil are widely believed to metabolise as fuel rather than being stored as fat. This means that when you consume coconut oil, these MCTs could be immediately converted to energy – perfect for when you’re looking for an instant pick-me-up. The MCTs in coconut oil have also shown signs of boosting your metabolism and helping you feel fuller longer, making them the perfect addition to your morning to keep you going longer!
Whether you’re mixing coconut oil to your espresso, steaming it with your latte, or blending it for frothiness, coconut oil coffee is an easy way to enjoy all natural benefits of coconut oil.  And don’t forget that coconut sugarcoconut syrup and coconut honey are all delicious low-GI ways to enjoy all of your desired sweetness in a hot drink without any of the nasties of refined sugar.
There’s more where this came from! Check here for loads of coconutty recipes.
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