7 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Should Be On Your Holiday Packing List

Whether you’re heading off for a long weekend or a month, packing for a holiday is a tiresome task that usually entails a hopeless battle between twelve bikinis, ten pairs of shoes and your entire beauty collection, versus one restrictive suitcase. Luckily, we’re on hand to help this year! We’ve discovered that if there’s one rule of thumb by which all professional packers seem to live by, it’s this: pack versatile, multi-purpose items. We know what you’re thinking – if only there was one incredibly versatile beauty product that could cover all your beauty needs. Well luckily, the newest addition to our coconut clan is ready and waiting to save you time, money, and lots of luggage space! Read on to discover why our travel-sized (incredibly cute) coconut oil is about to become your travel saviour.
1. It’s a fantastic natural moisturiser. So you’ve just stepped off the plane and already your precious skin feels dry and parched. This is because the humidity on board a flight can drop to as low as 2% (drier than the Mojave Desert!), which mercilessly evaporates all your skins natural moisture. Luckily, our deeply moisturising coconut oil works wonders on dry, dehydrated skin, meaning you’ll be glowing again in no time.
2. It’s a gentle and all-natural make-up remover. Coconut oil works wonders at removing make-up whilst simultaneously conditioning those precious lashes. So ditch the chemical-ridden make-up wipes and treat your precious (and probably sunburned!) skin the natural way.
3. Coconut oil makes an amazing massage oil. After a strenuous day of sunbathing, sightseeing and indulging in foreign delicacies, there’s no better way to wind-down than with a sensuous massage. So pass your handy travel jar of coconut oil to your chosen masseuse and relax! Your coconutty travel hero will leave you feeling and smelling incredible.
4. You can use it as a shaving cream and soothing balm. Coconut oil makes an excellent shaving buddy to naturally soothe, reduce irritation, and keep your skin silky soft. Now you have no excuse for resembling a wild primate by the end of your travels!
5. Coconut Oil has a natural SPF of 4-5. As Bruce Fife, author of Coconut Cures: Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut Oil, explains, “Coconut oil is a proven sunscreen that is still used by millions of people in the tropics as their sole source of protection from sunburn and skin cancer.”
Daily exposure to sunlight is essential for our body’s health as it is through this direct sunlight that our clever bodies produce most of our essential Vitamin D. Using coconut oil along with your normal sun protection can help protect against sunburn whilst allowing our bodies to absorb those vital nutrients. It gets better coco-lovers; it turns out consuming coconut oil will also help to strengthen your body’s largest organ, the skin, making it far less vulnerable to sunburn!
6. It’s brilliant at repairing sunburned or peeling skin. Despite our best intentions, it’s safe to say we’ve all accidentally overdone it in the sun at one time or another – leaving us itchy, severely irritated, and bearing a strong resemblance to a fresh tomato. Do not fret coco-friends: coating your sunburn with a cooling layer of coconut oil will help to rehydrate your skin, and its hydrating properties are suggested to help prevent peeling. You never know, this could be the year even your nose escapes the dreaded sunburn peel!
7. No one likes bad breath. The air pressure on-board a flight is seriously confusing for your body’s metabolism, making many of your body’s systems slow down. Unfortunately, this includes saliva production, meaning your mouth effectively turns into a haven for nasty bacteria. Bring on the coconut oil! Oil pulling with coconut oil is said to against bacteria, improves your overall dental hygiene and most importantly shows bad breath the door (which your fellow flyers will be most grateful for!).
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