Environmental Policy

Coconut Merchant's Environmental Policy

At Coconut Merchant, we believe that we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate. We are committed to improving environmental performance across all of our business activities, and encourage our business partners and members of the wider community to join us in this effort.

Coconut Merchant Ltd recognises our key impacts include:

1. Procurement

This includes issues such as the environmental sustainability of farming practices used in growing our raw products;

2. Transportation

This includes issues involved in the transporting our products from locations around the world to our individual customers;

3. Waste Footprint

This includes the waste produced in our daily operations and our products once used.

In working towards the telos of this policy, we will strive to:

  • Adopt the highest environmental standards in all areas of operation, meeting and exceeding all relevant legislative requirements;

  • Assess our organisational activities and identify areas where we can minimise impacts;

  • Minimise waste through careful and efficient use of all materials and energy;

  • Wherever possible, purchasing sustainable products;

  • Train employees in good environmental practice and encourage employee involvement in environmental action;

  • Reduce risks from environmental, health or safety hazards for employees and others in the vicinity of our operations;

  • Assist in developing solutions to environmental problems at home and where our products are sourced.

This document is to be read in conjunction with our Ethically Source Policy. We will periodically review our performance with this policy and develop action plans to ensure we are compliant with it and principles of good conscience.

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