MCT Oil 500ml with 97% C8

Product image 1MCT Oil 500ml with 97% C8
Product image 2MCT Oil 500ml with 97% C8
Product image 3MCT Oil 500ml with 97% C8
Product image 4MCT Oil 500ml with 97% C8
Product image 5MCT Oil 500ml with 97% C8
Product image 6MCT Oil 500ml with 97% C8
Product image 7MCT Oil 500ml with 97% C8

MCTs are Medium-Chain Triglycerides, which are fatty acids within oils like Coconut Oil that are absorbed easily by the body and used to make energy. C8 stands for Caprylic Acid, and of all the fatty acids found within Coconut Oil, C8 provides the fastest rise in energy because it doesn’t need to be processed by the liver to be turned into fuel. Coconut Merchant MCT Oil is 97% C8, helping you fuel your body.

MCTs are a great way to support a ketogenic, paleo, vegan and any other diet. MCT has been known to provide sustained energy, increased stamina and allow you to have more mental focus. Our MCT Oil is perfect for those looking for a healthier lifestyle. Being high in C8 helps to increase energy, boost metabolism, make your thinking smart and your workout even smarter.

You can add MCT Oil to your coffee, making it bullet-proof and giving you a more sustained pick me up. You can also add it to your smoothies, salads and even bake with it, It's super versatile! It also comes in a protective tube so it is easy to store, with no mess or fuss (and also looks fab on your countertop!)

While our MCT Oil comes in an amber glass bottle to help preserve the oil's qualities from light damage, do not be fooled! Our MCT Oil is colourless, odourless and free of any additional tastes so it can be added to your coffee, smoothies and other food to help you energise, without affecting the flavour.

As with all our products, our MCT Oil is ethically sourced, so it is also vegan friendly! Our MCT Oil is sourced using a solvent free extraction process. And as always, we keep our promise to make sure our MCT Oil is totally natural, preservative free and 100% awesome – just like you.

 100% MCT Oil



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