How we do: Relaxation

For many of us, relaxation means different things. For some, time spent with loved ones is ultimate bliss, for others, a bath and a good book is all we need to fight away the weeks stresses. We’ve asked our team here at Coconut Merchant to share their relaxation secrets and write about when they feel their most relaxed. relaxation-coconut-merchant
‘Sunday mornings drinking coffee & catching up with friends,’ Sarah
‘When I listen to music,’ Fedi
‘When I go to yoga,’ Maddy
‘When my kids are asleep!’ Sunny
‘Having a bubble bath with a fancy bath bomb,’ Jo
‘Playing music,’ Al
We've put together a  playlist of the ultimate chill music, great for Sunday mornings in bed or an after work soak in the bath because we know how important it is to relax and unwind. Have a listen below and take some time for yourself! Let us know what you do to relax!
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