How We Innovate


At Coconut Merchant we believe business should be force for good. This means two things are core to our business 1) ethically sourcing our products, and 2) constant providing products that surprise and delight our customers. That’s how we came to have the world’s largest range of coconut products!

The humble coconut palm is so incredibly versatile. We are constantly striving to find new products we can produce, that meet the needs of customers. This means working with our local partners and being creative. That’s how we developed the first Coconut Jam, discovered Coconut Savoury Sauce, the benefits of coconut vinegar and our unique Coconut Nectar Honey Alternative.

But this isn’t just a one way process, we also listen closely to our customer feedback. That’s how we came up with our cute travel sized coconut oil and updated format of Coconut Butter. Our retail partners play a part in this too - it was their encouragement that meant we looked for new formats like our grab-and-go sugar free Coconut Water in a can!

Finally, there is that little bit of secret sauce unique to the team at Coconut Merchant, that helps us spot coming trends. That’s why we created Coconut Oil with Turmeric, giving our farmers a new source of income and bringing turmeric to the streets before it was cool! We also invest in new machinery and tools for our local partners, helping increase the repertoire of products they can create for our customers.

As much as we’d love to, we can’t share all our innovative secrets. But get in touch with us and maybe we can share a few more with you!

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