How do you store coconut oil in the summer


Keeping coconut oil fresh and ready to use can seem trickier when the summer due to its low melting point. To help, here are our top tips on storing coconut oil properly.

Fridge or cupboard? How many times have you faced that dilemma when deciding how best to store certain food items. Especially in the summer months, when temperatures start rising in your kitchen, as well as outdoors.

This can be a conundrum if you have recently bought superfood coconut oil products online.

Whether you use the benefits of coconut oil as a versatile food ingredient or to nourish your skin or hair, you need to make sure you're storing in the right place so you can get the most out this incredible product.

Perhaps you are a long-term fan, with some ‘burning questions’ about the best way to store coconut oil jars and tubs. Are there different rules for unopened containers, compared to coconut oil products that are partially used?

This article explains how to store coconut oil in the summer, but also provides general tips on keeping your purchase in top condition and ready to use.

Does coconut oil need to be refrigerated?

That is certainly one place you can store it. However, you may find it hardens. That’s not a problem though. Simply leave it to stand on a worktop for a short time, and it will soften enough for you to scoop out the exact amount you need, using a spoon.

Where else can I keep coconut oil?

You don’t need to store coconut oil in the fridge, even when your jar or tub has been opened.

The rule of thumb for all edible oils is to store them in a cool, dark place to keep them fresh and retain any nutritional values. 

A cupboard or larder will be fine, as long as it's away from any heat sources like an oven or direct sunlight.  If you use coconut oil as part of your beauty regime then it will be safely in a bathroom cupboard, away from the hot shower.

How do you know coconut oil has gone off?

The purity of our products is beyond any doubt, and if you store and use them correctly (once opened, use only clean utensils to extract the product), you can be 100% confident in the freshness for up to 12-18 months.

However, even the best coconut oil can be negatively impacted by excessive heat or light. Or, when pollutants are added. So, keeping in a cool dark place and only using a clean spoon in your jar will. keep it nice and fresh for longer.

There are a couple of ways you can check if you coconut oil has gone off by checking if it is discoloured, is furred or mouldy, or it smells unpleasant.

What if my coconut oil goes solid or melts?

Coconut oil is packed full of saturated fats making it very stable, so melting or solidifying won't effect the integrity of the oil. 

It can sometimes go hard during cooler months or if left in the fridge, but there's no need to panic. You can leave it out for a while or soften it over a low heat to make it scoop-able again.

The same applies if it melts in the warmer months. All you have to do is put your coconut oil jar or tub back somewhere cool, or even pop it into the fridge, and it will soon get back in shape.


More tips for keeping coconut oil fresh

This is common sense but worth repeating, to make sure coconut oil bought online lasts and keeps all its nutritional goodness intact.

Store your coconut oil in its original container, making sure the lid is on nice and tight to lock in the freshness.

It also helps if you buy quality assured, 100% pure coconut oil in the first place. That is bound to continue to taste and perform well over time, compared to cheap, poor quality alternatives.

That’s why we only sell extra virgin, raw, unrefined, cold-pressed, organic coconut oil. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. Enabling us to be confident in our use-by dates and storage instructions.

Now for a really handy hack for coconut oil storage and use

If you’re likely to only need regular measured amounts, you can buy sachets of coconut oil. These help you with portion control and are great for taking this beneficial natural substance on holidays, camping trips and days out, or to use at work.

And yes, this coconut oil in a sachet can be kept in your bag or draw, and will still be fresh when you open it.

With your storage needs ‘boxed off’, you just need to decide which size of coconut oil jar or tub is best for you, and whether to opt for an extra filtered CM La Vie Coconut Oil.

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