Coconut vinegar: Is it a good vinegar substitute?

Did you know that coconuts can produce vinegar? Here, we will look at the types of coconut vinegar that Coconut Merchant supplies and whether they are a good alternative to apple cider vinegar. Read on to find out.

What types of coconut vinegar are on offer?

There are so many different condiments to choose from when cooking and eating - but have you ever thought about coconut vinegar? Coconut Merchant offers two types of organic coconut vinegar, each with their own delicious flavour and uses. The turmeric and moringa coconut vinegar offers a different taste, while the plain organic coconut vinegar is so versatile.

Plain organic coconut vinegar

Plain organic coconut vinegar

The plain organic coconut vinegar has a pleasant, natural taste and is the perfect alternative to apple cider vinegar. It can be used for so many different meals - try it in salad dressings, in sauces or in marinades to give that little extra kick. You can even dilute it with water, as you might with apple cider vinegar, to create a drink that can detoxify you the natural way. It is completely natural and organic, created using coconut sap which is fermented to get the vinegar you love. This makes it naturally vegan friendly, as well as being organic, ethically sourced, and free from and preservatives. Not to mention that it is great for you!

Benefits of coconut vinegar

Not only is our organic coconut vinegar delicious and perfect for diverse uses in the kitchen, it has so many different benefits. That’s more than you can say for your average salad dressing!

This natural vinegar does not have any unpleasant and unnatural flavourings, its taste is soft and sweet. This can be especially good news for those who find apple cider vinegar a little too acidic - the gentler and slightly sweeter taste of coconut vinegar can be more pleasant to the palate.

It has many of the same benefits of apple cider vinegar, such as potentially helping to support a healthy diet by gently improving digestion and perhaps even boosting immunity. With probiotics and other nutrients, coconut vinegar is perfect for naturally supporting your body without needing to take it as a supplement. It is also thought to lower blood sugar and help your heart to stay healthy as part of a healthy regime.

Made using 100% pure coconut sap, it is non-GMO and perfect for a range of diets, whether you want to add some vinegar to your salad or sip your coconut vinegar as a detoxifying drink.

Coconut vinegar with turmeric and moringa

Coconut vinegar with turmeric and moringa

If you are looking for a slightly different kind of coconut vinegar to introduce into your diet, Coconut Merchant’s organic coconut vinegar with turmeric and moringa is a wonderful choice. This combines the classic coconut vinegar with the added extra benefits of turmeric and moringa, which are both known for being beneficial when added to your diet.

Turmeric has been utilised throughout history, used for its anti-inflammatory properties and for cleansing the body - as well as its wonderful taste. Meanwhile, moringa is often known as the “miracle tree” and can be a great way of incorporating a range of vitamins and nutrients into your diet. It provides folic acid, vitamins A and C, as well as calcium.

With these additional factors, our coconut vinegar with turmeric and moringa is a fantastic way to flavour those savoury dishes while reaping some serious health benefits. Add in the probiotics created during the long fermentation process and you have a condiment with a difference.

As we have seen, coconut vinegar has so many amazing benefits. From being completely organic and natural to providing natural immunity support, there are a lot of reasons to incorporate coconut vinegar into your daily diet. Whether you want to stick with the classic organic coconut vinegar or add something a little unique to your salad with turmeric and moringa coconut vinegar, Coconut Merchant has you covered. If you are looking for an alternative to apple cider vinegar, look no further - and for all your coconut needs, browse our full range. We have a whole host of incredible ways that you can incorporate coconut into your diet and beauty routine to get the most from it every day.

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