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Coconut Oil, Flour & Other Coconut Product FAQs

Where are your coconut products from?

Our coconut products are sourced from places traditionally renowned for their coconut products. For example, our coconut oil is from Sri Lanka, which is known for making fine Ceylon coconut oil. Under each coconut product description you will see where that particular product is sourced.

Are your coconut products organic?

Yes, most of them are. Each coconut product description contains a full breakdown of the attributes, including nutritional information, of that product.

How do you source your coconut products?

We strongly believe in ensuring that all of our coconut products are ethically sourced. This is one of our core values. We firmly believe that farmers should be fairly paid for their produce.

Do you use monkeys to harvest your coconuts?

Absolutely not. This is a practice that we have never supported and never will. All of our coconuts are harvested by humans who have all the correct equipment to do so safely. 

Are your coconut products raw?

Yes, wherever possible we try to ensure our coconut products are raw. This includes our coconut oil, prepared by cold-pressing dry coconut flesh. No heat is applied to our coconut oil from pressing to bottling and it just exposed to the ambient temperature of where it is prepared. However, some of our coconut products like our coconut sugar cannot by definition be produced without heating. Under each coconut product description you will see how that particular product is Raw.

Is your coconut oil hydrogenated?

No, our coconut oil is unrefined, extra virgin, organic and raw to ensure that it maintains as much of its original goodness as possible.

Why is your coconut oil marbled in appearance in the jar?

This is a sign of quality. Our coconut oil is bottled at source, and not rebottled here. This means that we do not have to re-heat our coconut oil. The marble texture comes from the slow and gradual solidification that occurs in Europe’s cooler temperatures.

What's the difference between oil and butter?

Coconut butter is similar to oil however it has an added part of coconut pulp, or coconut fibre. This will give you a creamy texture and flavour if used in baking or within sauces.

Jackfruit, turmeric powder, cinnamon powder and moringa - where are the coconuts?!

Great question! You'll have seen that every one of our products is ethically sourced. For example, we make sure that £2 for every litre of coconut oil sold goes straight to farmers. Our farmers also grow other produce, and so if we can help them in other ways, we always will.

Can organic coconut oil help relieve sinuses? 
If you are experiencing a sinus infection or a dry nose, give oil pulling a try! Simply swish a tablespoon or so of coconut oil around your mouth and spit the oil out into a bin. This should provide a deep cleanse and help reduce bacteria within the mouth.

I'm baking with coconut flour and now the mixture is too thick. What do I do?

Coconut flour is full of goodness and vitamins, but it loves moisture and so it tends to require more of certain ingredients. This means that it cannot be replaced in a 1:1 ratio with normal wheat flour. Instead, there we have two suggestions:

1. look on our website or Pinterest for special coconut flour recipes. There are so many available online!

2. as a rough rule of thumb, each ounce (28g) of coconut flour requires 1 egg. So if you want to convert your regular recipe to one with coconut flour, you need to make sure you have an egg for every ounce of flour used. For example, if your original recipe needed 10ounces of regular flour and 6 eggs, you need to convert this to 10ounces of coconut flour and 10eggs (four additional eggs).

I just placed an order, when will I receive it?

We aim to dispatch all orders within one working day from it being placed. It is collected by Royal Mail and delivered by tracked parcel delivery.

Do you deliver to the jersey islands?

We sure do!
Do you deliver to Northern Island?


Yes indeed!

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