Ethically Sourced

03 Dec
Ethically Sourced

At Coconut Merchant, ensuring that our products are ethically sourced is at the core of our beliefs. It is important to us that we source our coconut products in ways that respect the people that produce them and the places in which they are grown.

To do this we have set out a set of standards that enshrine our Ethically Sourced policy. In short these standards cover:

  • Working conditions for staff and farmers;
  • Pay for staff, farmers;
  • The price paid for their produce;
  • Environmental sustainability.



In keeping with our core beliefs, these eight standards set out the fundamental requirements in our sourcing policy. Coconut Merchant recognises that while some suppliers may not be able to achieve these standards immediately, they must express an interest in and be willing to:

  • implement appropriate processes to raise their standards to comply with this document;
  • demonstrate responsible and transparent approaches to their work and practices; and
  • demonstrate an on going commitment to improving their ethical standards.

These standards represent the minimum requirements that must be met. They are:

  1. Suppliers must not use any forced or involuntary labour, and workers must not be obliged to lodge ID papers or deposits as a condition of work;
  2. Workers must not be required to work extreme hours, or for long shifts without adequate rest periods;
  3. While we appreciate that in some regions and circumstances this may appear needed, suppliers must not engage workers under 15 years of age (an ILO Labour Standard), or the minimum domestic working age if higher. Where such labour is discovered, suppliers must engage appropriate remediation for such workers and implement adequate and reasonable processes that aim to prevent the use of child labour in the future;
  4. Factories and work areas must exhibit reasonable and adequate safety and hygiene standards for staff;
  5. Suppliers must pay sufficient wages to staff so that they can meet their basic needs and have some discretionary income;
  6. We shall in all circumstances endeavour to work directly with farmers’ cooperatives and those closest to the production of coconuts. If we are unable to work directly with farmers and their cooperatives, we must endeavour to be as close as possible to them in the supply chain to ensure a fair and transparent price is paid for goods and produce;
  7. Suppliers must endeavour to engage in sustainable farming techniques wherever possible. Where non-sustainable practices are discovered, suppliers will adjust their techniques to ensure care of the natural environment.
  8. In essence, these standards express the fact that while we wish to enjoy the bounties of this natural produce, it will not be at the expense of our good conscience.