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UFC Velvet Oat Milk 1L Barista

Product image 1UFC Velvet Oat Milk 1L Barista
Product image 2UFC Velvet Oat Milk 1L Barista
Product image 3UFC Velvet Oat Milk 1L Barista
Product image 4UFC Velvet Oat Milk 1L Barista

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If you're looking for café-quality, dairy-free milk, that is versatile enough to be enjoyed in cereal, smoothies and cooking, then this is the version for you. We don't judge here, get as creative as you like with our barista oat milk!

This Oat Milk is a great source of plant based calcium, which makes it a fantastic addition to plant based and lactose-free diets. It may well be the dairy-free milk alternative you've been seeking. Watch out dairy milk, there's a new milk in town!

Our Velvet Oat Milk is packed with vitamins D2 and B12 along with calcium. Combined with a naturally sweet taste - you really can't go wrong!

This Oat Milk is super tasty on its own, for breakfast with cereals or splashed into your favourite drinks such as teas, coffees or smoothies. Its luxurious consistency makes it a great contender for that morning latte if you like your milk on the frothy side.

We like to keep things real, which is why our Oat Milk is made from 100% organic oats, with no GMO's, artificial colours or flavourings.

  Oat base (water,oats 11%), Sunflower Oil, Mineral, (calcium carbonate, dipotassium phosphate) vitamins (D2, Riboflavin and B12), Gellan Gum and sea salt.


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