Coconut Oil & Epsom Salt Bath

13 Jul
Coconut Oil & Epsom Salt Bath

Picture this; you’ve had a long day at the office. You had to look through all 300 of Karen’s holiday pictures. You waved back at someone who definitely wasn’t waving at you. Then, to make matters worse, your train home was delayed.

We get it- just one of those days. Everyone has them. But fear not, there’s still time to turn things around. De-stress, get a candle on, and try a detoxifying bath to go to bed feeling like balance has been restored.

Even if we do say so ourselves, coconut oil is a bit of a miracle. Not only is it a kitchen cupboard staple, a friend to your hair, and a godsend to your teeth, it’s the perfect addition to any bath time.

For this sumptuous DIY, you just need three ingredients. First and foremost- you guessed it- coconut oil! This will leave your skin moisturised and feeling silky smooth. Epsom salts add much needed magnesium into your body, which is crucial to immune system function and keeping energy levels up. Finally, essential oils- for that much needed ‘ahhh’ factor and a sweet smelling hit of relaxation.

What you’ll need:

Epsom salt – 1 cup

Coconut Oil – 1 cup

Essential oils – 5 drops of your favourite scent (we recommend lavender!)

Let’s get relaxing:

  1. Pop everything from the list into your bath
  2. That’s it! Great things in life are often simple, after all.