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World Peanut Butter Day

Ahhhhh, peanut butter. The giver of life. The light at the end of a long, dark day. That little (or not-so-little!) pick me up that just keeps life that little bit more sweet.
Since the rise of the infamous nut butter last year, we think that our old companion PB needs a little more love. TWorld Peanut Butter Dayhis magic ingredient has kept our snack cravings satisfied for as long as we can remember, and no day in the office is the same without a jar of one of our favourite treats sitting by our side.
If you hadn't guessed by now, we’re crazy about peanut butter. Possibly nearly as crazy as we are about coconuts. And that’s saying something. So, we’re getting in on the action for arguably one of the most important public holidays in our calendar - World Peanut Butter Day! To celebrate, here’s a selection of our most favourite PB recipes. From a natural take on the infamous peanut butter cup (we won’t mention any names) to a devilishly good rice dish with a creamy peanut sauce, we’ve got you covered.
peanut, butter, biscuits, ice-cream
A double hit of deliciousness straight from the oven of our lovely contributing chef Ugne. If blackberry ice cream and crunchy PB biscuits sounds like your type of thing, then this one’s definitely for you.
PB fudge
If it was sustainable to live on a diet consisting purely of this fudge, there would be no looking back.   PB addicts, it’s time to prepare yourself for a taste sensation. With all-natural PB fudge, home-made chocolate peanut butter cups and a divine chocolate swirl, this isn’t one to be missed.
Coconut Paleo Cookies Raweos
After the usual Oreo binge, it’s needless to say that most of us would feel pretty guilty. You know we’re know for switching things up here at Coco HQ here though; Rachel’s take on the classic treat is packed full of foods that your body will love, like our own Organic Coconut Oil and Butter, medjool dates, and nuts.
Brown Rice Salad
Yep, that’s right. Peanut Butter isn’t just for you sweet-toothed foodies out there! Peanuts are used in Asian cooking for a creamy, sweet finish, and this recipe is no exception. Harriet shows us that eating healthily is super simple and delicious too!
peanut butter doughnuts_ web
Deliciously dark and full of some of our favourite things, these peanut butter doughnuts are another of Rachel’s divine raw creations. The best part is that they’re raw, so you’ve only got to pop them in the fridge for 15 minutes until you can devour one (or the lot!)
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