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Smoothies: Our Top Three

It’s bank holiday weekend and the sun’s out. You’re kicking back with a good book and inner peace is imminent. There’s just one more thing needed to achieve total bank holiday bliss: a refreshing, coconut water fuelled smoothie. As always, we’re here to help you out at Coco HQ. We’ve scoured high and low, leaving no smoothie stone unturned, and compiled our top three fave recipes from our awesome contributing chefs. Packed full of electrolytes and potassium courtesy of Aqua Coco Active, these mouth-watering delights as are as good on the eyes as they are on the taste buds. Plus, even those among the clumsiest in the kitchen can conquer these easy recipes! Let’s get blending…
Charley’s Zingy Lime Green Smoothie
Keep your precious body in tip-top condition: there’s a great dose of vitamins and minerals in this gloriously green smoothie. Plus, it tastes delicious too!  
Kelly’s Berry Good Smoothie
Just 5 ingredients and 1 step to achieve this pretty purple drink means there’s even more time to relax and chill out. Topped with a helping of nutritious bee pollen, you’ll be buzzing to slurp on this sweet smoothie!  
Charley’s Coconut Latte Protein Smoothie Shots
If fruity isn’t quite your thing, then this unique recipe might hit the spot.  A mild coffee hit and generous dollop of coconut cream on top makes this smoothie all the more indulgent. Go on, you deserve it.  
If a tipple is more your game, head on over to our Pinterest for loads of coconutty cocktails.
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