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Valentine's Heartache

Whether you're lost in a haze of love or superbly single, we think we can all agree that Valentine's Day can be a little OTT. From overcrowded restaurants to £50 roses, it can be pretty hard to live up to the hype, even for the most loved-up among us. But if you’re still mourning the bae that got away, rest assured that nothing remedies a broken heart like a series of terrible coconut-related puns. So with this in mind, we took some time off work to see who could come up with the cringiest – and ultimately be crowned Coco HQ’s king/queen of puns. Here are some of our favourites: 20170208_131709
"All this coconut butter, but I still couldn't butter you up"
"All this savoury sauce, but you're still salty"
"All these boxes, but we still couldn't fit in"
"All this sugar but you still ain't sweet"
"All this coconut nectar but you're still not my honey"
"All these dressings but I never got you undressed"
"All this wall but you still left me blue"
"All this coconut water but you're still thirsty"
"All this oil, but I still let you slip away"
Like what you see? Think you could do better? Let us know @coconutmerchant – you might even see your break-up banter featured on our pages! And as always, remember what they say: a coco-family is for life, not just for Valentine’s Day.
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